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Got a ROG 3060 today, was detected in icue at first but is not now

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You need to use Nvidia driver series 512 or earlier.  The 516 driver appears to have severed the link between CUE, Amory Crate, and the GPU.  

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16 hours ago, Theslysmoker said:

Today I picked up a ROG 3060 OC, I got it all set up, was detected in iCue on original startup and I configured the RGB, but now it doesn't show in iCue at all and the RGB is frozen on the GPU itself. what can I do to solve this issue?

Hey did you update to the latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver?

iCUE GPU recognition with Nvidia's latest game ready driver installed is a known issue right now and rolling back the driver to version 512.95 helps with this.

The GPU should detect in iCUE after rolling back.


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