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I think I broke my K70 RGB MK.2

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Good Afternoon,

I've had my K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard for around 2 years, no problems at all - nothing to complain about. But recently I accidently spilt a drink and some of it landed on the right side of my keyboard. I've had no major issues caused by this happening, apart from some lighting that's bugging me. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice? Because I imagine that water has seeped into the keyboards circuit and managed to break some lighting - but not the input responses. Do I just need to try dry my keyboard? I've attached below an image of the broken keys and also, weirdly, the number lock indicator and the caps lock indicator - despite it not being exposed to water (this must be a circuitry issue).


Here you can see the left arrow key, the right arrow key and the down arrow key are all broken in terms of lighting, as well as the number lock and caps lock weirdly going blue too.

I've tried soft resetting the keyboard using the escape key method, and it fails to reset.

I'm sure someone will be able to identify what has gone wrong and if there's a way to fix it.

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Hey there! Don't think the photo got uploaded, can you post it again? As for the spill, I would try to leave the keyboard to dry for a couple days before using just in case there's left over liquid. 

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