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Hi Corsair 

I’m in the process of building my first pc and since I’m new I’m kind of lost and need some help. I really want to get the Corsair ICUE 4000x RGB case but I’m not sure if my components will fit in there correctly. Specifically I’m worried that the AIO will not fit.

I have the Z690 Aero motherboard and the vision 3080 which is about 32cm long and 12.6cm wide. For ram I got the DDR4 Vengance pro. I plan to get the NXZT Kraken Z63 but I’m not sure if it fits at the top of the case. 

I just want to make sure everything fits before I buy the case

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The x63 or any other 280mm radiator is not going to fit up top. The 4000x is the smallest of the “mid-size” line and like most of that type it is narrow with a shallow top. You will hit the RAM with a 280mm. 

You can front mount a 280mm, but the natural shape for the 4000 series is 120mm size fans and radiators. You probably should be looking at a 240 or 360mm radiator and that still most likely needs to go up front. If you Google around a bit you may find some pictures of top mounted 240 AIOs, but it requires low profile RAM, you may still hit the VRM heat sink in some boards, and it just looks too heavy. All of that plus heating up the rad with the 3080 below makes front mount the way to go in that case. 

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