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Bad Freshly RMA's RAM

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I have the following

msi 865pe neo2 motherboard

intel p4 2.8 gig processor

leadtek geforce 5950 video card

western digital 120gig hard drive

2 sticks of corsair ddr3200



module part # - CMX512 - 3200C2


bios settings - I never changed anything so it would be the default settings, and I'm not sure if these are the settings you need, but here goes :)


performance mode - normal

cpu ratio selection - locked

dram frequency - auto

adjust cpu bus clock (mhz) - 200

ddr clock (mhz) - 400

cpu vcore adjust no

cpu voltage(V) - 1.525

ddr power voltage - 2.60V



I just got a new stick of ram today from an RMA that i did. I put it in the computer (with my working stick of ram) and up pops a blue screen when it tries to load windows. So I tried the new stick of RAM alone in the computer, and the computer would reboot once it tried to load windows.


I decided to test the new ram with memtest....and it failed. Just to make sure, in the same motherboard slot, I tested my old (working) stick of ram, and no failures for it.


Why does the new ram that I just got from corsair from an RMA, fail the memory tests? Since I double checked the same motherboard slot with a working stick of ram and had no problems, it would seem that it's not the motherboard...

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And please make sure that both modules are the same revision.


I upped the ddr voltage to 2.7 and at least it didn't reboot before windows had finished booting up...but it would still reboot randomly while I was doing anything on the computer.


The revision doesn't match because the original ram I had was xms3202v1.1; one stick was rma'd, so the new one is xms3202v1.5. So I still have one of the original version which doesn't match the new one entirely.

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