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Installing Capellix Coolers Alongside Existing Commander Core XT

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I finally managed to install the firmware for my h170i Capellix cooler after having it brick numerous times trying to update through iCUE. Even trying to use the support provided firmware zip file provided no relief.


What ended up working was depowering the Commander Core XT (just unplugged the SATA power cable to the Core) that came with my iCUE 7000x case and only having the Commander Core that came with the Capellix cooler powered. This resulted in the iCUE software updating the Capellix firmware without issue. After the update, I plugged the Commander Core XT that came with the case back into SATA power, and boom, no more issues. 


I figured I'd post my solution here as it's driven me nuts for days and I figure I can't be the only one running into this issue. Long story short, not only does other RGB controller software interfere with installing firmware for a Capellix cooler, apparently so does Corsair's own RGB control software...

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