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iCue software breaks Sleep function in Windows

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I don't know if this is new but it is new to me. Google search didn't find anything.

I recently purchased a new MSI Stealth 15M. I installed all of the software i want and discovered that the only way to put the computer to sleep was to first lock it and then use the power button on the login page to put it in sleep mode. If I right click on the start button, select Shut down or sign out and then select Sleep, the computer acts like it is going to sleep and then goes to the lock screen instead. If I uninstall the iCue software it reverts to normal sleep functionality.

I have re-imaged the computer a couple of times now and always, things work fine until I install the iCue software. I even tried going back to iCue 3, same problem.


I am replacing a Legion7 with this MSI. The Legion 7 never had this problem.

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