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OK, I know that there are MANY MANY post about fans out there but, can anyone tell me is there a exact amount of fans a case should have? I'm still in the process, haven't even started building my computer yet. My case, it's a full tower, came with 3 fans, RGB blue in color, two in front and one in the rear. I'm going to change them out for better, higher RPM fans.  Back to my question. Is there any real amount of fans for the size case I have? I'm concerned about the heat it will be generating not only the CPU but, the GPU also. This is what I was thinking of how many to put in.

3-140's in the front, 1-140 in the rear exhaust, 3-140's for exhaust on top also <-All of these will be HIGH SPEED FANS.

I'm going to be changing out the CPU cooler two 140's fans also for HIGH SPEED 140's. I'm hoping that will be enough cooling air flow for the system. Any thoughts/comments on this will be most helpful. Thank you have a great day, evening, or afternoon, which ever it may be when you read this post and most of all BE SAFE!!

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Generally speaking, a lot of how the environmental temperature inside the case develops is bound to the design, materials, and then of course what you put in the box that is creating the heat. The difference between fan set of design A and fan set design B may be a few degrees. When it comes to fan choice and the speeds you are willing to utilize it is going to be about the amount of noise you are willing to tolerate. Most fans spin faster than we are willing to let them run. 

If you are doing 3x140 front, 3x140 top, and 1x140 rear, then that’s all you can do. That’s as much (more) than most cases can hold and with that number of 140s you should be able to let then cruise at a comfortable, quiet speed without the need to blast them. A GPU running a 450W VBIOS is going to be hot at load, but it’s own fans are the only thing cooling it’s internals. Your case fans regulate the case environmental temperature and you have as much as you can for that. 

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