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RGB fans for H100i RGB Pro XT liquid cooler

Mark Carr

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I've just purchased a H100i RGB Pro XT liquid cooler. I didn't realise the 2 fans weren't RGB.

My PC currently has 6 SP 120 RGB Pro fans installed. I'll need to remove 2 if not 3 of these (along the top of the case) to make way for the new radiator and fans.

Could I use 2 of the existing SP120's instead of the 2 ML120's the radiator came with?

The existing SP120's are connected to a Corsair Node Core Pro controller.

If this isn't viable, what Corsair RGB 120mm fans would do the job?

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11 hours ago, Mark Carr said:

ould I use 2 of the existing SP120's instead of the 2 ML120's the radiator came with?

Sort of, but not a perfect solution.  The SP PRO fans are DC motors.  The XT like nearly every AIO is a PWM only controller.  The fans will run at 100% all the time if connected to the AIO fan controller.  You would instead leave them on the Commander Pro and then create an appropriate fan curve there (the AIO presets are saved in the custom curve tool set).  This will work fine when CUE is running, but when it's not the Commander Pro can't get the data from the AIO and the fans will either lock at the last speed or max out.  The only workaround to that is to use a thermal probe for the Commander to measure exhaust air temp from the radiator.  That will work at all times, software running or not, but then requires you to learn the normal range of exhaust air temp.  It should be equal to coolant temp in most situations.


And the last option is to pick up two new fans, specifically the new ML-Elite.  This is an 8 LED fan just like your Pro, but is PWM.  Now the fans can go to the XT for speed control and RGB wires to your existing RGB hub with the other SP-Pro fans.  They are all 8 LED center hub fans, so order is irrelevant and no compromises required.  

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