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Corsair AIO (H100i RGB PRO XT) has default color of red that cant be changed...

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Hey all, 


I have a Cosair AIO and at some point in its lifetime along with the fans and the RAM I made them all hardware colored to red. So when I turn it on or off it turns red whenever ICUE isnt on. Now an issue has arose that for some reason the AIO colors on the pump are ALWAYS displaying red and no matter what I do the AIO stays red. Even when using a "rainbow" effect its dominated by the red color. If the red color isnt used to mix one of the colors it often miss colors what it should be. When going through the range of the color pallet the you have to go more than halfway through blue to get to purple... 


Its almost as if theres a "background default of red" that I cannot seem to change. Ive rolled back to icue 3.0 thinking it would be adjustable there and no luck. 


any ideas? 

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if i click these colors: Yellow, red, purple or white it shows RED 

If i click green it shows green, blue it shows blue but when i click teal it stays green...? 

is my white LED out? or is it defaulting it to red? 

these are the questions I am asking now.. 


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Try a forced firmware update. Go to the device in CUE, then “check for update” -> none -> force update will appear. The AIO will drop into hardware mode for a few seconds as it reloads. If that does not work, contact Corsair Support. 

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