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Really bad sound quality in background with VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless when turning on 7.1 surround

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I am here because I brought a VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless a week ago and it eventually arrived. I tried the wireless mode which works pretty well, but I noticed some light cracklings, though when I unplugged and replugged it it worked fine again.

The real problem is when i set the 7.1 surround on, I have a permanent really bad quality sound in background (like when you have a headset that is really cheap and bad in terms of audio), I wrote it on youtube and the first result is almost what I have, but only in background, this sort of bad sound effect, in foreground the sound is really good. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE 4 with all last versions, but nothing, I also tried on several computers so it looks like it is coming from the headset and not from my computer. I don't know if I missed some settings, I did an EQ that suits to my activities but nothing more. 

Whether I'm in wireless mode or with usb c cable the same thing is happening.

Hope it is not coming from the headset I really don't want to take it back...

P.S If you want to head what is the "bad quality" I'm talking about, it was my first research on youtube, it's almost exactly what's happening.


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