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Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Wasserkühlung (2 x 140mm Lüfter, All-In-One Extreme Performance CPU) mit nem 12900K auf Sockel 1700?


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Kühlung irgendwann 2017 gekauft und würde sie gern behalten.

Reicht die Kühlleistung für nen 12900K?

Gibt es ein Umrüstkit auf Sockel 1700?


Corsair Hydro Series H115i Komplett-Wasserkühlung - All-in-One WaKü (AIO) |  Mindfactory.de

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There is no conversion kit for the H110i GTX or H115i from the GTX/v2 series. Additionally, if you search around a bit you’ll find some technical articles discussing the difficulty with some older round cold plates and the new 12000 series Intel CPUs which have a different IHS shape. It creates poor physical contact between them. If you have a 12900K, you really want a cooler designed for it. 

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