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RM850x Fan Curve Fix status?


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I've read a couple of reputable reviews online and they both mention an aggressive fan curve of RM850x.


They also mentioned a potential fix for the fan curve but since then there have been no updates on the matter.

Has the fan curve of RM850X been fixed?

If yes, then can we see the before-after comparison or some quantification of how much has it been actually fixed?

P.S.: My PSU's serial number starts with 2134710... Does it have the fix? I was thinking on whether I should return it.

P.P.S. On LinusTechTips, they also said: 


Only the 850W is getting a corrected fan curve because there's enough thermal margin there.

I agree with you that 
there's some overreacting going on, but one can rightfully be disappointed by the poor decision-making going on with the aforementioned company. When the head of R&D is firmly opposing counterproductive changes only to be told to go kick rocks, frustration is to be expected. The 2018 RMx wasn't just the best bang-for-the-buck PSU out there, it almost was an irreproachable unit : high-end performance, highly durable, compact, good pricing and ultra-quiet.


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