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Possible Bad CMX512-3200C2PT


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I believe that I have a bad Corsair memory module. It has been installed and in use for approx 2 yrs and has behaved erratically since new. It's the only chip and is installed in slot 1 in an ASUS P4P-800 MB.


Games will consistently terminate unexpectedly within the first few moments of play and the dump will indicate a memory access error (regular business applications seem to run fairly stably).


I have run Microsoft's OCA Windows Memory Diagnostic Utility and the memory module frequently fails the "LRAND" test.


I have also verified the memory issue by installing a different chip same spec but different manufacturer, that I removed from another machine with the same MB. Games and diagnostics run cleanly with the other memory module installed (no other changes were made).


I would like to obtain an RMA since it has been a while since my purchase and I may have a challenge locating the original invoice/receipt.




Chuck E.

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