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Corsair Ironclaw key binding

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Hello, there are 2 mice keys that i would like to rebind but im unabled to do so is there a way to change/fix that? those 2 keys are listed on the iCue but cant change them and i dont use the option they bring by default (it switches between icue profiles)


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Hey there! Can you send a screenshot of how you are setting it up in iCUE? I don't have an Ironclaw with me at the moment.. but I do have a Dark Core Pro RGB, also has a profile switch button right under the scroll wheel. Here is how I setup a test for it. So when I press the profile switch button, it inputs like I'm hitting the number 4 on my keyboard.


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i Found out what the problem was, i was trying to  disable/remap the key at the "Hardware Keys assignments" wich doesnt allow you to change those. i was confused cause all the other keys are bindable in that  section.


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