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Corsair Commander Pro voltage spikes and drops

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So i have 6 LL fans, a Commander Pro, Corsair RGB Hub and a LED Controller which was pre-mounted with the Corsair Crystal 680X.

So recently I bought the game Emergency 20 and with that everthing started.

When I start the game I can already hear small sound dropouts and I can see little voltage spikes and drops from the Commander Pro.


What I also notice is that when these spikes or drops happen, all of the 6 fans duplicate itself and get added below my voltage graph.

By now I think the USB plug of the Commander Pro loses its connection and connects again. I've tried another USB Port on my MB but it didn't change a thing.


Going back to my small sound dropouts which accure after starting a game. After a little time (the time varies a lot) I get very loud "alien" like noises in my headset (Corsair VOID Pro). I can only get rid of these sounds after unplugging the Bluetooth USB-Stick and plugging it back in again.

Recently my sounds also cuts off completly after starting a game and I have to restart my pc to get everything to being normal again. So after the sounds cut off completly everything lags out and I can't do anything normal.


I've seen another topic on this forum covering the same issue, but it got fixed after unplugging a usb hub and my Commander Pro goes directly into the MB USB Port and this is where I need to ask you guys if you got any ideas on how to fix that issue?


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usually those erratic readings are due to other hardware monitoring programs accessing corsair controllers (like Aida64, HWinfo64, HWmonitor etc..).

But the fact that you also get wonkiness on the headset is weird. Still worth checking if you didn't install one of these programs around when you bought that game ?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.


As of right now I only have AMD Ryzen Master SDK, Dragon Center and MSI SDK installed. If I'm not completly wrong these programs also do monitoring and accessing the controller, but I'm not sure about that..


I have experienced that these lags also on other games while I had Emergency 20 installed. Everything was fine again after deinstalling the game.

From that point you could say its a software problem from the game itself, but I do play the game with my brother who also has some corsair fans and other components from corsair but without the Commander Pro and everything is fine.

So the last thing I did for now is to unplug the LED Controller for the fans, just to see if it makes any difference and at first it seemed liked it solved the issue, but after a few minutes these voltage spikes came up again.

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