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XD7 Distro Plate Air tight?

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So i got the Corsair XD7 Distro Plate, and I have the Corsair XT Leak tester
I had my setup put together, haven't run any water yet.
So I was trying to find any leaks of course, pressure needle doesn't move for the first minute (at 7-8 psi as per the leak tester's instruction). So I go away for a little over an hour, and the pressure drops to 0 psi.
So i take every tube out, one at a time. plug up each opening, and still same thing.
I'm down to my last tube, and same thing. So I unplugged all tubes, and tested out the distro plate on its on, all openings plugged up. all the pressure leaked out after an hour.
Am i doing something wrong? Or is it supposed to be like that?

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