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icue RGB bug/freeze with heat

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I have seen several topics talking about LL120/140 fan light effects freezing issues.
it is often said that it would come from a problem of USB data which would saturate the "Lighting NODE pro" during the game.
I only have these problems since I changed my graphics card, I went from a 2080Ti to a 3080Ti, after less than 5 minutes of play (AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra),
I have 2 of my 4 LLs freezing totally for one, and partly for the other.
When I stop the game and go back to windows, after 4/5 minutes it works correctly again.
But... I did another test, I restart a game, as expected after a few minutes, the lights freeze as before, except this time I open the side panel of my case, and put a big fan in front of it. living room, in less than 3/4 minutes the light effects resumed and I was able to play without having another light freeze...
However, I have a well-ventilated case... 3x140mm fans on the front, 1x140mm at the back, 3x120mm on the top for the AIO (360)
The graphics card is installed horizontally.

I changed the corsair RGB Hub, but that didn't change anything, I changed the USB port on the motherboard for the Lightning Node Pro, and also changed the channel 1 to 2, but the same problem.
I reversed the connections on the RGB Hub 1-2-3 4 to 4-3-2-1 this time a change, it's no longer the LL 3 and 4 that bug, but the 1 and 2... I have however changed the RGB HUB with a new one...

Have you ever seen this type of heat related problem? yet my tower does not seem to overheat.

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I am not sure heat is the problem. The controllers presumably are on the backside of the case and should not be affected by short term changes in system activity. The fans themselves are RGB strips. If you somehow cooked one, it will go out and not come back. 

More often when users report a similar problem it is the result of heavy system traffic across the MB and the usb 2 pathways the controllers rely on get pushed to the back of the line. When those become interrupted the lighting will freeze or eventually may drop into hardware mode with a CUE crash. What motherboard and cpu combination do you have?  

Another way to test this is to run a cpu stress test for a bit. It does not need to be a torture test, just something like the bench tab stress test in CPU-Z, but you can use whatever you like. This will occupy the CPU’s capabilities and run it for 10 min to see if the lighting locks up, but I suspect the issue may be at the board. The missing piece here is high pci-e traffic (gpu) and some boards will share data paths between various connections. 

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Hello c-attack,

I have an i9 9900k on an Asus ROG Maximus XI code, with 32GB of Ram (4x8) Corsair Dominator platinum rgb at 3000Hz.

What makes me think that it could be the heat is that in game it freezes, but if I open the side panel and fan of my living room, it solves the problem in a few moments.
Whereas if I do nothing, or if I put the panel back, it freezes shortly afterwards.

I will try to run a stress test, like 3DMark?

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I can't ever remember a heat specific type of crash, but it's not impossible.  If there anything odd about where the Lighting Node Pro controller is mounted/located?


Go to CUE settings and find "debug logging".  Check the box and turn it on.  The next time is crashes like that, go back to the settings and export the logs.  Then open a support ticket with Corsair and send the logs in.  I would expect it to have a 'thermal limit' tag or something similar.  

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I performed a CPU stress test with CPU-Z, nothing abnormal happened with the RGB.
I then stress tested the GPU (3080Ti) with 3DMark, after about five minutes the RGB froze as usual.

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That’s the odd part… 5 min should not be enough to raise the case or general surrounding temperature by a significant amount. If this were after 30-60 min then heat soak of controllers could be in play. Is there anything significant about which fans freeze?  Their location in the case? 

On 6/23/2022 at 1:17 PM, Eloeos said:

reversed the connections on the RGB Hub 1-2-3 4 to 4-3-2-1 this time a change, it's no longer the LL 3 and 4 that bug, but the 1 and 2..

This to me suggests a fan problem, unless there is something unique about the fan location. I also would expect the entire 1-4 to freeze if it were controller related. This could be something in the fan wire or LEDs. 

I would start a support ticket with Corsair. 

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I replaced the Hub RGB and the NODE pro lightning, but the problem remains the same.
The fans affected are the 140mm on the back of the tower in extraction, and the last 120mm of the AIO on the Top, closest to the back (near the 140mm)
if I reverse 1, 2, 3, 4 into 4, 3, 2, 1, on the RGB HUB, it's the first 120mm of the AIO (front and central) that freezes, but NODE and HUB are completely new.
I also changed the USB port on the motherboard for the NODE, I reversed with the USB connection of the AIO (Ryujin 360) for the RGB it seems to me.

I have the impression that all these problems occurred around when I switched from the 2080Ti to the 3080Ti, but at the same time as the change of GPU, the Armory Crate software totally bugs, and no longer detects my motherboard, I don't know if this is related, but even with Armory Crate uninstalled I have the same problem.
Maybe I'll try a full format and reinstall Win11.

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for the airflow, there are also 3x140mm non RGB on the front in air intake, and all of 3xLL120mm on the AIO are in "push extraction"

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