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AMD graphics monitoring gone from dashboard after latest AMD driver update.

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So yes, after the latest AMD driver update (22.5.2) the graphics card is no longer seen by iCue.

This happened on 4.18 and it is the same after updating iCue to 4.24.

No more amd graphics card temperature monitoring, it's completely gone from iCue and that sucks cause i had the temp visualized on some keys like the CPU and PSU temps, they both still show in iCue and work, just the amd graphics card monitoring is gone.

Do we need a new update to iCue to fix what probably are some changes AMD made in their drivers ???

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Hey there, what AMD graphics card do you have?

Could you check if HWmonitor is displaying temperatures as well? 

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hwmonitor or hwinfo64 , those all keep reporting the temperatures of the Vega 64 , as does the windows taskmanager.

reporting just stopped in icue after amd driver was updated to 22.5.2.

i was running icue 4.18 at that moment still, meanwhile i have updated to icue 4.24 and the problem remains.

is icue using the i2c-bus to read those temps ? cause that may be what has been disabled by amd or at least on the busses that report the temps.

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AMD released a new driver 22.6.1 and the problem is resolved, iCue can read the temperatures and fan speeds from the graphics card again.

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