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Trying to simplify/fix fan control.

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I have 9 ML Elite and a 240mm Elite LCD AIO. I am trying to fix some of the wiring in my case, and I was wondering if I can use splitters to put everything on the AIO’s commander core xt. 

I currently have two commander core XTs (I do not own a RGB hub because I bought my fans on sale in single packs). I had problems originally with my device saying I have too many USB headers (despite having little plugged in). I tried everything I could, and the only thing that works (sort of) was plugging the AIO’s USB into an external USB port and the two commander cores (not daisy-chained) into my motherboard (MSI z690 Carbon Wifi). In its current state, it works most of the time, but some of the fans randomly stop working and go to their default hardware settings until I restart my computer.

I think I may be able to solve this problem if I can get it down to two USB headers. (The core and the AIO). 

I saw on Zotty‘s fan info page that the QL fans must have a four pin connection and that is why I am unsure if I can combine them. I am also wondering if I can combine three RGB signals and how that would be done.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. 

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26 minutes ago, KoalaUnknown said:

the QL fans

Edit: ML fans

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All your ML-Elite fans are PWM for speed control and “8 LED series” for RGB. They can be combined in anyway. However, 9 on one Commander Core won’t work for PWM or RGB. You might be able to get away with 2way PWM splitters, but we generally discourage this on the Commander Core. If you blow a section of the circuit board, you might knock out pump control as well. Three RGB splitters would make 3 duplicate pairs of LED effects. While in theory it is under the max 5v load of the cable, it’s not clear how much the pump lighting uses. 

Fan speed - This is the easy fix and any powered PWM hub can offload some of the fans. It requires a SATA power connection and then 1 PWM header on the Commander Core. All fans on the PWM hub will run the same speed, but that is not an issue for 3 front panel fans or any other logical grouping. These hubs are generally inexpensive (less than $20 USD) and small. 

RGB control - This is trickier. 3 RGB splitters might work, but that is likely $30-40 on your end. For the same money (or less) you may be able to pick up a used Lighting Node Pro with an RGB hub. That would retain individual fan lighting control and address the usb issue. The problem isn’t necessarily three usb devices, but the 3 you have.  Multiple users have encountered the drop outs or failed detection when attempting to combine the Commander Core, LCD top, and then a Commander XT. It’s those three devices that have trouble sharing, even with a powered usb hub.

This has been especially problematic for Z690 owners, but there is also another potential work-around. The most consistent user solution for this has been to use a USB 3 to USB 2 internal adapter to move a device(s) off the usb 2 circuit. This could be the LCD top and Commander Core on their splitter or a usb hub. I am curious if the rear I/O port you are using is a 3.0 or 2.0 port. Some users have asked about an external port solution but no one had replied back with success or failure. 


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this works great for controlling fans -> https://github.com/rem0o/fancontrol.releases

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