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Liquid Cooler update failed

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Hi there, 
I recently ran into a problem with my Corsair ONE (i300 series). Seemingly randomly, the front LEDs will start to flash red 4-5 times, first on the left then on the right, all while the top fan is running at 100%. I use the temperature setting for the colors on those LEDs in iCue, and instead of mostly staying cool and green, I've noticed that recently the computer has been defaulting to running a bit warmer, even when just using a web browser. When I do put a load on it, the computer has been running into overheating issues unless I change the cooling profile to "extreme" and even then it is running over 100 C. 

Anyway, long way of saying that I went into iCue and it looks like the firmware isn't updating properly for my liquid coolers. I also went into the CORSAIR diagnostics tool, and there have been a bunch of crashes on the corsair.service.exe tool, some of which look like they might be referring to my liquid cooler. I'll attach some screenshots below. 

Anybody know what's happening here? 

Update failed.png

Weird crashes.png

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey there, sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Regarding the iCUE "update failed" the firmware version you are on is the latest and the “push” for an update in iCUE is an error, so you may disregard that until an update is pushed to fix it.

Regarding the other issues you are having with the C1, have you double-checked to make sure your BIOS/Drivers are up-to-date? If you have an are still experiencing the same symptoms, I would recommend that you contact our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com so our team can look into this further for you.


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