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Lian Li Razer O11 fan layout w/ Corsair AIO and fans

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Hoping to save myself a few hours of testing for fan placement, if anyone has done something similar.  I've not done that much with RGB before since everything I have built has been dark.  If you have a link to a video or any pointers then please let me know.  I've recently swapped from a 4000D case and trying to get everything working normally.


Case - Lian Li Razer O11 (currently waiting for the front glass to be shipped, front is open)
Motherboard - X570 Asus TUF
CPU - R7 5800x
CPU AIO - Corsair H150i 360mm rad tubes up and new paste
RAM - 32Gb Vengeance LPX (working on swapping to Pro)
PSU - EVGA Supernova 850 GT
GPU - EVGA 3080 12Gb
Storage - 1Tb Crucial m.2
Case fans - 3xML120 (Rad side intake), 3xLL120 (top exhaust), 3xSP120 (bottom intake)
Fan/RGB controllers - Commander core (ML and LL) and Lighting Node core with SP only.

Two questions:

1. I currently have the bottom and sides set to intake and exhaust out the top.  CPU temp sits around 49c when idle which is surprising since it was around 35c in my 4000D, with a EVGA 120mm AIO.  Max i've seen is 70 on the CPU when gaming.  GPU temp is 29c and maxed is 60c when gaming.  Will I get lower CPU idle temps with intake on top and bottom and exhaust out the side?  Where should the rad be mounted?

2. While changing any fan locations, just wondering if I would see any temp benefits from moving the different model fans around?

It's all running quiet with Signal Pro with everything on balanced.  Noise isn't an issue but the PC isn't going to be upgraded for a while, just looking to get the best configuration to last as long as possible.  Much of what I have found is geared more toward the EVO so any info you have would be awesome.


*Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.  Forum newbie too I guess.*

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So the H150i radiator is in the side wall as intake?  

A 14C swing in cpu temp is a heavy change. Assuming all else remained the same, that requires a 14C shift in case ambient temp.  That might be theoretically possible when the gpu is involved in combo loads like gaming, but it seems almost impossible for cool idle. What you’re doing for layout is what I recommend for for an air cooled gpu in the O11. Check to make sure your Vcore is dropping at idle (below 0.80v) and is not stuck at the peak 1.30-1.40v level.

Also, are you sure on the 35C idle before?  Most AMD Ryzen 3 owners will report something in the 40s, like you see now. We’re you running CUE when using the EVGA AIO before?

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