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Corsair h100x with 4000+ RPM

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I recently bought a Corsair h100x 240mm pump and it started to show some worrying numbers. iCUE and, BIOS and Armoury-Crate all say that it runs with 4050-4080 RPM even idle and at the startup. There is also a constant noise even though the case is corsair 5000d airflow. My setup is ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI II, Ryzen 7 5800x, GPU ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 Ti TUF OC V2 LHR - 8GB GDDR6, Corsair RM750, Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4-3600 DC C16 - 32GB with 3 standard corsair fans in the front, 1 in the back and 2 on the radiator.  

I already have everything on auto or low in BIOS and I can't seem to do anything in iCUE since it's an h100x. What to do? Perherps I should buy some new silent fans to replace standard ones?

Its brand new, like 3 weeks top. 

Best regards, Getreuer 

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Your motherboard is reporting the raw speed as if it were a fan, but pumps and fans are different.  Divide by 2 to turn into the actual "pump speed" as others use it.  The H100x is not a CUE device, so the CUE software is only displaying what the motherboard fan header reports.  2000 rpm is pretty much middle of the road for pump speed and the H100x is not adjustable.  


Only you can tell where the noise is coming from.  If the pump is emitting a high pitch noise that is irritating, then there is no reason to put up with it and you should make a change.  

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