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RM 850 DOA?

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New build, new board/cpu/GPU.  Got it al squared away and nothing...  Put old EVGA PSU in system (also 850) and it worked.  I know the RM850 fan does not kick on automatically like most PSU's when turned on, so paperclip test seems kind of pointless IMO.  Esp since it wouldnt power anything on my new board.  After searching online, it seems alot of ppl have had this very issues with this power supply.  I am almost considering not replacing once I get refunded and going with a different brand.  Reaching out here as a last hope to see if I missed anything.

PC Specs

Mobo; N7 Z590

CPU: i9 10850K

RAM: Corsair Dom Plat 32GB


(Current PSU EVGA 850)


Side Note:  before swapping back to a known good, I literally rebuilt the maching twice with corsair PSU and nothing....  when i popped the corsair PSU out all I literally did was pop the EVGA psu in, plugged into board and SATA connections and everything worked fine.  With corsair PSU, zero activity was happening with the MOBO.  Really starting to lose faith in the brand I had come to love over the years.  Esp after seeing the many threads on other forums about the DOA PSU's, or PSU's that appear to pass the test but yet fail to work in a system.

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You have to use the corsair cables, and i hope you didn't plug the EVGA ones on the RM850 (if they fit), because that's shortcut central, and would explain wh the system doesn't power on (short circuit protection kicking in). They do not share the same pinout even if the connectors can be the same.

If you did use the Corsair cables, then it's worth reaching out to corsair support directly (or the retailer if it's a fast one line Amazon) to get a replacement, or a refund.

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