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RBG fans off colour when selecting White

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Hi Guys

Im having some issues with my Corsair LL140 RGB PWM Fan's.  I have 3 of these as well as 3 that came with my corsair 680x case.

The fans are 3 years old and were part of the build.  I've only changed the GPU.

When i set the icue (version 4) to white (all 3 colours at 255) i find the white to be mildly off colour.  Almost as if it has a tint of greeny blue in it.

The RGB on the ram sticks look fine and the white im looking for.  When i download say the "ice" profile the RGB sticks look great but the fans look off.  The photo I have attached doesnt show it as bad (excuse the dust) but you can still see a kind of colour mis match.

Ive tried a full removal of icue, clean uninstall and a reinstall but still no luck.

To add I have had the fans set to B255 G0 R0 for a good year now but i wouldn't have thought the lights would discolour the fans?


Open to any insight or suggestions 🙂

Kind regards


23.3285049140 Corsair LL140 RGB PWM Fan

23.3285049140 Corsair LL140 RGB PWM Fan


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"Pure white" output is reliant on a balance between the R-G-B LEDs, not to mention the material the light passes through and some other related issues.  However, as the fans age sometimes the LED output one of the three primaries will start to diminish in actual output, despite the same 0-255 value.  That shifts the white point one way or another.  Not too long ago all 6 of my QLs went from a cool white to a warmer tinge in less than a month.  If you were still under warranty I would tell you to RMA them while you can, but since it's past that the quick and easy fix is to tweak the white value.  


If the white seems shifted toward green-blue, that likely means the Red is not putting out the expected intensity.  Reduce the B & G values by -5 until you reach a stage where you feel the white looks appropriate.  It's a pretty subjective value, but then some people do this from day 1 because they feel the white is too cool/warm.  

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