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Manage NZXT Fans using Corsair Commander and iCUE

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Hi, I built a PC with 12 (capacity of 14) fans and used NZXT AER RGB 2 fans. I also have 1 Corsair Commander Pro Digital Fan and RGB Lighting Controller and 3 x NZXT fan controllers. Each NZXT controller allows control of 4 fans. It's a bit of a mess though, and I want to get rid of my NZXT controllers and run them through the Corsair Commander and get 2 additional so that I have a max capacity of 18 fans (allowing me to get a full 14 instead of limited to the 12 I currently have installed. 

I can run the fans via the Corsair Commander BUT not manage the RGB in ICUE. How do I get ICUE to recognize them & allow my Corsair Obsidian 1000D Case etc. to be synced up?

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PWM control can be done as the Commander does not care about brand for speed control. I would recommend you make use much smaller PWM hubs to extend capacity vs 3 Commander Pro controllers, unless you are after the LED ports on those controllers. Most PWM hubs can power 6-10 fans (at the same speed) while using 1 Commander Pro PWM header and 1 SATA connection for power. 

The RGB is a much bigger problem. There are third party adapters to convert generic RGB connectors into Corsair-type, but it would be ridiculously expensive to have to do this on a per fan basis. If your NZXT fans daisy chain their RGB down to one RGB connection per 5 fans, that might make it more feasible but it would also turn them into a “dumb” string of 40 LEDs or so. You would not have whatever special fan effects you have now and would be limited to what can be forced in CUE as a 4x10 strip. 

So if you have to keep the NZXT controller for RGB, then I am not sure it’s worthwhile to move the PWM. You’re still stuck running both control systems. 

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Thanks, not the response I wanted, I wanted someone to tell me everything was going to be okay and that it's an easy fix 🙂

Looks like I either need to spend money on adaptors, buy new fans or live with it. Looks like i'm living with it.

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