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My H115i fans and pump speed keeps getting stuck after a few minutes. ICUE corsair.service32...

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Hi, I have been using Corsair Link for a while to control the curve and speed of my Corsair H115i, and ICUE to control the headphones.

After the last update of the ICUE software, Corsair Link has stopped controlling the pump and fans to let ICUE control it.

As many of you know, it has been happening for years that if you use ICUE to control fans and pumps, after a while the RPMs get stuck and you need to restart ICUE and close Corsair.service 32 to get it working again. ********ing crap.

I have reverted the last update, installed and uninstalled the two programs in different order, but ICUE still takes priority over H115i control.

Does anyone know of a way to force Link to take control of the fans/pump?
I don't want to be restarting Corsair service 32 and ICUE every 5 minutes to avoid the fans getting stuck and overheating and screwing up my pc.

By the way, I don't understand how after so much time Corsair haven't pronounced on this issue and have solved the corsair.service32 problem.

Thank you very much in advance, cheers

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Is there a reason you are still using Corsair Link?  It was ended more than 4 years ago and replaced by CUE 3, which was a unification of the old CUE 2 for peripherals and Link for internal hardware.  Link is not supposed to work with CUE 3 at all.  CUE 4 then replaced CUE more than a year ago. 


The H115i is supported in CUE 4.  What headphones are you using?  I can't think of any reason to keep using Link since you also need a peripheral managing software (CUE).  

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Hi c-attack, thanks for the reply.


I was still using the link only for the ventilation control, because with ICUE4 I have the problem I was telling about, I have to restart ICUE and close the "Corsair.service (32bits)" process every few minutes, otherwise the fans get stuck at a fixed speed, without respecting the ventilation curve.

This is a known issue that has been happening to many people for years and for which there is still no solution.



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OK, I misunderstood your post.  You are saying when using CUE 4 alone (no Link), the service keeps freezing and locking the fans up.  NOT you are using CUE 4 + Link and the fans are locking up.  


Unfortunately the reasons for the service locking up can be unique to your system.  Go to the CUE settings and turn on "debug logging".  The next time it freezes, go the same place and export the logs.  Then start a support ticket with Corsair and send the logs in.  Be careful of common software conflicts like when AIDA or HWiNFO try and poll the AIO at the same time as CUE.  Aside from that, hopefully the logs will narrow the field.  

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Yup that's the problem, my fans just lock when using CUE 4 alone. No other monitor software is running, I used to have issues related to that.

I'll try to open a ticket with the "debug logging" logs on it, thanks for the help and the explanation mate.

Have a great day, many thanks

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I had a perfectly stable H115i (original from 2017) setup using the old (great!) Corsair LINK (whatever the latest version was). Decided to try iCUE (have latest version installed today 5.12.97). 

Although the graphs are pretty and I'm happy it sees my new Gigabyte Radeon 7600 XT , the entire paradigm is horrible. No easy way to quickly adjust fan and pump speed on the H115i. Profiles no help, because on the actual fan and pump control, the only options are Quiet and Extreme. It does not see any of the custom  pump curves I created and named with the same name as the Profiles. On Corsair LINK it was so much easier - and it WORKED.

With iCUE, the pump and fan keeps getting stuck on Extreme. Impossible to return to Quiet levels. The only fix is to re-start the Corsair service.

Not happy.

Do the software devs monitor these forums? Because there are a lot of customers who don't care about pretty colors, we just need to control the cooling on our expensive CPU!!


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