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Getting Gibberish when typing "L" on my K95 Plat


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This is what I get when I try and type "L" on my K95:




This also triggers my caps lock at the same time.

Thus far I have tried:

removing the keyboard from windows, no effect

Clearing Onboard Profiles (that appear corrupted) using iCUE, Error: Device is no longer detected or there was an issue with deleting the profile. Please reconnect your device and try again. (attempted this repeatedly)

Attempted factory reset, no effect... as in, it will not factory reset (unplug, hold ESC, plug in, wait for flashing, never flashes, waited 5 mins before giving up)

I can delete the profiles on iCUE, but not the three slots on the keyboard. I believe these to the be root of the problem. Using my old keyboard is rough, as there is a reason I bought my K95.

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Quit CUE and see if the behavior continues while in hardware mode.  That should point the way for the next step.  If the garbage output continues when CUE is not running, contact Corsair Support.  It might be physical, but there are not a lot of options here.  You can try to force load the current firmware (check for update-> (none) -> force update, but it would be a bit lucky for that to resolve it.


If this does not happen when CUE is not running, then this looks like some type of software issue and hopefully is user correctable.

a) Soft reset (already completed)

b) Repair install of CUE -> Windows Apps list, click on Corsair iCUE and select 'modify'.  Follow the prompts for the repair install.  This is usually the most helpful when dealing with odd input/output stuff with KBs and mice.

c) forced firmware update as described above

d) If still nothing, contact Corsair Support and make sure you list the results of the steps above to avoid some unnecessary back and forth.


The HW profiles save to the KB only are in effect when CUE is not running.  I can't ever remember a case of a rogue HW profile affecting basic KB functionality, so I would not focus on that too much.  When you press L, you should see L and the only way for that not to happen is if CUE distorts the output.  Check your Key assignments to make sure nothing is mapped to L.  Any other peripheral management software running, like for another brand mouse, headset, or something else that could try and access the KB?

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