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Lighting Link "Type Lighting" not functioning properly.

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First of all, Type Lighting does work. But only if it ISN'T set to lighting link, and is instead set to the type lighting preset. Its the latest version of ICue (4.24.193) and all of the hardware is up to date as well (Lighting Node, Vengeance RGB RS, K70 MkII, Glaive Pro). Is this just a bug or is my system broken?


Pic 1: Type lighting preset working, pressing space bar at regular intervals.

Pic 2: Type lighting lighting link not working, pressing space bar at regular intervals (you'll have to trust me I am).

2022-06-19 18-06-13_Moment.jpg

2022-06-19 18-06-13_Moment_2.jpg

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Several other users have been reporting this for the last couple of releases.  I've tried dozens of time to replicate what they describe, but every time my Lighting Link Type Lighting works as expected across the 9-10 devices connected, as well as standard KB only type lighting.  



However, in the release I am currently using, I am experiencing this as well.  The strange part is it works for a few seconds after I create the effect, but then shortly thereafter the KB is "severed" from the Lighting Link and no longer creates its own waves or receives waves when the mouse is activated.  I am not sure what is at the root of the issue or why it is only affecting selective users, but  I think we are stuck with KB only type lighting for now.  

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