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Icue does freeze valorant help

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I explain to you to change weapons I use the next and previous mouse buttons however when icue is running it makes my game and the whole pc stutter

indeed, the pc is unusable I can no longer return to the office and when I can I can no longer launch anything

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I am not sure why it is doing that, but you can deactivate game integrations for Valorant (or any others) by turning them off from the Corsair settings. See if this help with the stuttering. 

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I tried but it didn't change anything.
the pc freezes and it blocks
I changed mouse and reinstalled the software several times
everything works when the software is not on
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Go to the CUE setting and turn on “debug logging”. The next time CUE freezes/crashes in these circumstances, go back to CUE settings and export the logs. 

Then create a Support Ticket from the link at the bottom of the page. Send the logs to Corsair so they can try to decide the issue. 

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