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I have a problem with my graphics card getting hot. (sapphire nitro+ radeon rx 6900 xt se)

I have a problem in the ICUE software, I can't increase the fan speed

my config

ICUE 4000x



Z690 Asus Tuf Gaming Plus D4

sapphire nitro+ radeon rx 6900 xt se




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First, if you GPU is too hot you need to increase the speed of GPU fans.  Nothing cools of the GPU like its own fans.  The case fans will help with controlling the ambient temperature of the case and that does affect GPU temp at a +1/-1C rate.  However, the coolant or H150i Temp is also affected in the same way, so case fans should increase with ambient case temperature caused by the GPU.


Regardless, if you want to take control over the fans, click on the yellow + symbol to create a custom fan curve.  Choose a control variable.  A temp probe at the rear exhaust is the best choice, but for now you can use GPU temp.  You will need to adjust the graph range to match your GPU temps and the case fans will rise and fall with changes in GPU loading, like menu screens with low load.  Most people will move to coolant temp, MB temp, or a temp probe as the control after some time using GPU temp, but its OK to start with that.  Make sure you set the non-radiator to the new curve when you are done.  

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you advise me to leave the parameters like that?

Or is there a way to optimize the settings?

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There's no magic button to assess the conditions and make fan corrections for multiple components and I don't have any information about your GPU temperature.  If you are near the thermal throttling point of the GPU, you need to get more aggressive across the board - GPU and case fans.  In that situation the GPU fans are likely already near maximum (and quite loud), so increasing the case fans will be both necessary and may help cover the more small and shrill GPU fans.  If you are comfortably below the throttle point, then you can do as you like.  


My suggestion is you make a custom curve and then use the fixed RPM or PWM% option for a bit to see where your ideal speed lies.  It's always a performance vs noise trade-off.  Try fixed speed at a 1000 rpm, 1200 rpm, and 1400 rpm and see which is the proper balance for you.   Most people feel a 120mm fan starts to get loud somewhere around 1300 rpm, but if your case or conditions block the noise, keep going until you are not willing to tolerate the noise or there is no further gain in cooling.  The cooling gains tend to be larger at lower speeds and shrink to nominal levels above 1500 rpm for most applications.  

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fans not responding in icue software

even at full speed it doesn't do anything

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