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Corsair HX1050 PSU

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New here. I have an older HX 1050 PSU, that over a couple moves I have misplaced the modular cables. ( I still have the basic set for the system I am now running, main, sata, cpu )

I have a new build for my computer system using a Z-590 Motherboard and 11600k CPU.

I ordered a couple EPS12V "8-pin CPU ( 4+4 split) Corsair cable for the extra MB requirement connections.


Now that I have received them, I notice they say ( compatable with type 4)  ?? I havent a clue..,My concern Is are the compatable with my HX1050 . thanx guys.

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After looking at the PSU cable guide. It looks like they will be fine. ( I guess I should have looked there first )  😉


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Submit a ticket before you plug it in..

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