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CORSAIR PRO-TIPS: Setting RGB Lighting with iCUE

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What's up everyone! Are you a gamer like me, and want that FPS boost from your rig's sick RGB? Well, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you customize your iCUE lighting setup.

1) LIGHTING LINK 🔗 - lighting link allows you to sync a lighting effect across all your iCUE devices so that they all follow the same lighting logic. You may choose from effects like Type Lighting, which sends out waves of light from the keys you press out to your other iCUE devices, or Temperature, which changes the lighting of your setup to the cooling status of your processor.




2) LAYERS 🌫️ - layers allow you to mix and match the various lighting effects that iCUE offers. For example, you may stack animated lighting effects (ex. type lighting, wave, etc.) on top of static lighting. This way, your device will stay illuminated in your favorite color, while lighting animations may flow throughout your device. The combinations are endless!




3) PROFILES 💾 - with iCUE's ability to toggle between different profiles, you may easily switch between your vibrant, strobing rainbow profile during the day to a stealth profile for nighttime. Profiles aren't just about lighting! You may also have a status oriented profile for monitoring system temperatures, especially during processor or GPU heavy games. You can switch between profiles with just a few mouse clicks, or by pressing the Profile Switch Key on one of our keyboards (K100 RGB, K70 PRO, etc.).




4) THIRD-PARTY DEVICE SUPPORT 🛠️- in iCUE's settings, make sure the "Plugins" setting is enabled. This will allow ICUE to connect to compatible third-party devices, allowing you to control their lighting.






As always, you may download the latest version of iCUE via our Downloads page. For this tip, we used the current latest version - 4.24.193, so our lighting effect variety and animation is fully up-to-date.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks I helped you all find more creative ways to customize the all essential RGB of your gaming setup. Have fun gaming!

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