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Carbide 275r case - PSU problems and a request


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So my friend bought a new system as components and we assembled it over the weekend. Everything went pretty smoothly until we got to the PSU. We got a Corsair HX850 and you can't put it in the Carbide 275 without removing the hard drive bay. The gap between the bay and the PSU is too short so you literally can't plug in the various power cables we needed.

Annoyingly there is more than an inch clearance between the front fans and the HDD bay so it could be moved sideways and that would provide ample room between it and the PSU to actually put cables in. Looking at a variety of the mid tower Corsair cases the HDD bay appears to be in the same position so I suspect it'll be a problem in all of them. So Corsair, please consider doing the following;

1. Clearly flag case/PSU combos that are incompatible. Ideally in the blurb that resellers list on their sites. But at a minimum it should be listed on the product page on the Corsair site (couldn't find it for the Carbide 275r or any of the other models we were looking at).

2. Adjust the mounting holes for the HDD bay. By default it could stay where it is but please provide a couple more mounting holes so that it could be mounted further away from the PSU if the customer needs to.

The current situation meant we returned the case and my friend bought a Coolermaster one because it was the only option at the time that would definitely fit the PSU. We couldn't be sure any of the available Corsair models (a variety of 275 variants and 4000 mid towers) would actually fit the PSU. So the existing situation is costing sales.

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