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iCUE custom fan curves are only on fixed speed

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I've got a new Corsair One i200 PC and installed iCUE 4.24.193, which is the latest version, but when I go in "Cooling" and try to change or add a custom preset, I can't define a curve.  It only lets me enter a single fixed fan speed %.  I've googled, but can't see anything about this on the web.  It's like other people have a completely different application.  What's up?

On a side note, the 3 GPU sensors can get really hot.  I saw "Temp #2" above 90C which is crazy to me.  Is that normal?  Should I worry about these sensors?  I know the computer was emitting a lot of heat.


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Sometimes the Corsair One or in house models have unique parameters, so I’m not surprised what you see looks a little different. However, I can’t think of a reason to do this so we may need a Corsair representative to confirm based on exact model number. 

GPU temp #2 and #3 are typically the “hotspot” and VRAM temperature on the GPU and also will show up labeled in other monitoring applications. “Hotspot” is a specific sensor on the back of the gpu chip. Most of the time it will hold a fixed offset relative to the GPU diode temp (GPU #1). It will always be warmer than the main gpu temp, but if the GPU #1 is 60 and GPU 2 is 90C, that suggests some time of thermal conductivity issue. The memory modules have individual temps and a general memory temp that is #3. This also is likely to be warmer than GPU #1. Based on the screen shot it seems likely your PC has two AIO coolers, one for cpu and one for gpu.  On a hybrid cooler GPU like that VRAM will be air cooled. Depending on your gpu model, the VRAM temp can be quite high (3090 GPUs). 

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