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My TX650 Is acting up. (It's old, i know, don't come at me).

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My TX650 slowly is making a louder "vvvv" or "mmmm" noise. Like a microwave. This PC was built by my uncle, and i got it 3 months ago. He said he hasn't used it (the tx650). Only for like a few months and he replaced it after.

So i can't get this thing out of my head and it's making me kind of stressed because I have never experienced something like this.

Any idea why it's making that sound and how to fix it?

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Hi Above,

It is likely coil whine, which is normal.

All PSU's will emit more auditory noises which can be cause by a number of thing, mostly the capacitors when the PSU is converting AC to DC.

Here's a link form our post about coil whine for more information.



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