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Corsair Virtuoso Directional Sound Not Working

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I bought a Corsair Virtuoso a while back, and ever since I started using it the directional sound hasn't worked properly. I really tried working with it for the few months I had this headset, but it drives me crazy now. In FPS games, it sounds like bullets and footsteps are coming from every direction and it makes it impossible to play because I never know where people are. Same with games similar in nature, the directional sound has never really worked. I know this isn't a problem with my computer because on the headset I had before the Corsair Virtuoso the directional sound worked fine.

Don't get me wrong, I love this headset... but now without directional sound, it just makes games unplayable.

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Hi Nemesiz,

Could you indicate how you have the device configured, windows settings, iCUE?

Are you using any EQ presets? Are you using any other eq? What quality is your audio set to?

 Which Virtuoso do you have? Is it set to stereo or 7.1 surround?


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I just did another game, and I genuinely think the directional sound is reversed or something. For example, someone will run behind a wall and I'll hear them run to the right, but they actually run to the left it is super confusing.

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