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Computer Won't Boot

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Today I received my 32Gb (2x16) Corsair Vengeance LPX and installed one in slot 2 and rebooted computer. Bios kicked in allowing me to save the new memory to my Bios configuration.  I then installed the second stick in 4 and rebooted. Yes, always turning off the computer and unplugging. Fans came on but no picture.

Called MSI as the new motherboard I bought last week is their Z590 Tomahawk.  Technician stated that I needed to increase the voltage to the max allowed for the memory.  Went back into bios on one memory stick and set the voltage to 1.35 like it says on Corsairs site.  Reinstalled the second memory and rebooted.  Again, fans came on but no picture.

The motherboard is rated for 128Gb so 32Gb should not be the issue.

The motherboard lists this version of Corsair Vengeance as compatible.  

Where do I go from here?  Is the memory stick I bought today bad?

Am I doing something wrong?  I have always done 2-4 1-3 when installing memory.


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1. Latest MB bios firmware?

2. Do you manually setup the memory or you use XMP profile?

3. Have you inserted memory stick in correct slot according to MB manual?

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Yes to the mobo bios.

Manually set voltage as specified by Corsair.

Been a while since I got my A+ certification but aren't all Mobo's 2-4 1-3.  But to answer the question; yes.

As the mobo directs and as I stated; I inserted in 2, rebooted; then into 4 and rebooted.

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Enabling XMP still had the same issue; computer would not finish boot when second stick inserted in Memory 4 slot.

Computer does not boot when Memory 4 slot is occupied at factory settings either.

Mobo does not have debug LED.

Basically I am frustrated. You buy memory listed on the compatibility chart for the Mobo.  New Mobo, new memory.  Only one stick functions; with two the computer does not finish boot.

It is not logical that I would need to adjust the voltage or enable XMP to get a second memory stick to work; if compatible, it should work without adjustment.  Beginning to wonder if the compatibility chart is wrong.

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vielleicht hat das Mainboard ja einen Fehler !?


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What does the motherboard manual say for installing two sticks of ram? I know on all my ROG boards during my am3/am3+ days it was always stated dim 1 and 3 if just two sticks. Check your manual, also make sure your not grounding anything out (over tighten mb screw etc)

Also this might sound stupid but I always had an issue if they stick of ram with the lower serial number wasnt in the 1 or 3 dim I'd have booting issues. Could just be very random or I was doing something wrong and the serial numbers dont matter. 

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