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White H60 Water Cooler Not working as expected

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Hi Guys,

I've just installed a white H60 into my Dell Aurora R6, replacing the stock cooler, but its not performing...

My processor has been running at increasingly crazy temps while rendering relatively simple jobs, sending my fans into orbit. My work around was to run the proc at 85%, which kept the lid on, but this only just kept us out of the 90deg zone. It also meant my rendering was slower than it could be.

So today I unplugged the Alien cooler and replaced it with the H60. Apart from the fact that the new radiator is about 1mm too long to fit in the radiator holder (It is now sitting outside and on top of the tower which wasn't part of the plan), the fitting went well. I didn't need to install the back plate and the supplied extensions provide a snug fit, so it all looked good.

But its not cooling the proc.......

Sata is connected, pump tach is connected, fan is connected and the proc is back up at 100% perf.

Although the alien says the fan is spinning at roughly 4400 RPM, im idling at 50/60deg and exporting just now from Adobe Premiere Pro had my proc up at 99deg.


1 - Am I right in thinking the H60 fan only spins at 1 speed, hence the 3 pin config. (I have found no way of controlling the speed, but it seems to be set at the top speed of the stock fan I've just removed.)

2 - Any ideas why its not reacting to the rising temp of the Proc? 

There is lovely cool air running through the radiator, and the cooler is seated snugly, but these temps are not far off what I see with no cooler on the proc at at all.

Thanks in advance folks.




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Hello again,

Slight change to the above. The radiator fan is spinning at 1673rpm and that's at 100%. (It was the pump that was spinning at 4K) My earlier numbers were wrong, and the speed of the radiator fan is controllable.

But its still not cooling my proc down though 😞

Thanks folks.



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On 6/13/2022 at 9:47 AM, Dirjampa said:

idling at 50/60deg and exporting just now from Adobe Premiere Pro had my proc up at 99deg.

High idle cpu temp can be a few different things. 

1) Poor physical contact - cpu temp is high at idle, bangs off the limit at load, and is extremely jumpy with any kind of light system action. Typically you see the cpu jump from 37-90-50-93-40 in a few seconds as voltage rises and falls. 

2) Poor flow rate or reduced flow rate - the coolant level starts off normal at cold boot, but it can’t transport the heat to the radiator fast enough. The baseline cpu temp continually escalates as long as you are powered on and you wind up with 50-60C idle temps, but cpu volatility is low because the conductivity is ok. The warm coolant is keeping the cpu elevated. This is likely what happened to the old AIO, but it seems unlikely for the new since you have full reported pump speed and that is an “age condition” not something you expect out of the box. 

3) Something is keeping the cpu active at idle and the voltage never drops. That still might not explain the 99C renders but I am not sure what cpu you are using. 


Dell often uses proprietary connectors and installing other parts can be tricky. The fan is going to be BIOS or AWare software controlled. I used to be up to date on their models, but not so much anymore. 

Can you clarify which H60 you have?  There are three, but I didn’t think any where white. Do you mean H60 (2018) with the white only LED ring on the pump face?

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