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Latest bugs in iCue v4.24.139 and Virtuose SE Firmware v. 5.3.70 + Dongle v5.7.115

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here is my bug report for an annoying bug:
Connected devices to iCue:
- Corsair Virtuoso SE (FW: v. 5.3.70)

- Slipstream-Dongle (FW: v5.7.115)

1.) The microphone-LED of the Virtuose SE is always disabled, even if the switch in settings to disable the microfone LED is disabled (so the microfone-LED should be enabled). THis is annoying because i don't know if the microfone is working or not.


2,) The LED of the slipstream-Dongle is disabled after an update to the versions above. So it's unclear if the device is working or not.


Please fix this issues. They are important for using this heeadset in company meetings.


Thanx in advance!


Kind regards


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I am having similar issues since updating the most recent firmware update for the Adapter.


My Virtuoso isn't even showing up on iCue anymore, and cannot use wireless or wired modes in windows although its still showing up in the device manager.


The dongle is still visible in iCue but when i plug it into a USB it flashes red twice and then the LED turns off.

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