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hello, i recently purchased corsair sp120 rgb elite fans (3x) for the front panel of my pc due to previous fan issues. The fans worked perfectly until i installed corsair icue. Literally, only fan lit up with the color white and the rest were gone. I have three other fans (two from my liquid cooler(ML240VL Coolermaster) and other is pc case fan. However, when switching to for e.g other fan types, they ight up and are customizable especially in the hd option. However when switching back to sp type, the fan remain stuck with different color, which again cannot be changed

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SP-RGB is the wrong fan type. Those were the original Corsair 5v RGB fans from several years ago and they were different than all that came after. Unlike the other fan types that only differ in LED count and geometry, the SP-RGB are the proverbial square peg. 

You have a SP-Elite fan, which is part of the “8 LED fan series” along with the SP-Pro and ML-Elite. All these fans have 8 led center hubs. Set to 8 series and x 3 and you should be all set. 

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