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Left mouse button randomly not regristring.

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I have purchased a 'corsair scimitar' 1-3 years ago and it has seen very light usage due to real life things. However since roughly two days ago the left mouse button has started acting strange. While the button physically connects to the underlying switch and there is an audible click the mouse has not been registering roughly 33% of my clicks. These seem completely at random. Sometimes it works 6 clicks in a row then it wont for three, while others it wont work after the first click. Sometimes it registered on hold and randomly releases after a few seconds while keeping my finger stationary.

I have tried to problem solve it, but after using dry compressed air to remove any dust. Or tried to look into hardware panel I tried to google it and found other people had similar issues with other mouse buttons.

I think hardware issue is relatively easy to limit. The cable seems fine, the lights light up, the button phsyically connects, the pad on the button (the click pad i mean) has seen relatively light usage and very little movement. A short on the circuitboard would have disrupted the board from registering the function all together.

I do not use any specific corsair software and have windows updates on windows 10 as per usual.

I did see something weird ... i see two HID-Mouse while i have one attached. I can deactivate one without any effect positive or negative... This is odd.

I also have three drivers that apparently are not working, but i doubt I need to have working. I doubt they can be the problem. Since two of them are PCI related, but who knows... (bear with me these are translated from my native language to english)
'Check for PCI-data collection and signal processing' - Most likely related to network connectivity. So cant really be an issue here.
'PCI Memory controller' i figure this is PCI & chip-set related.
SM-Bus controller... i could see a potential issue here, but if the IRQ numbers (digging in old knowledge here) are not past through there would not be a connection 2 begin with.

If anyone knows anything I would be thankful.
I have a busy day so i might no respond fast (also going to bed in like 10 min so)

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