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iCue 4, Linking Elder Scrolls Online to Mouse?


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I've just installed an RGB Scimitar Mouse and iCue 4.  The only thing that I can't seem to figure out is how to integrate a game. In this case, ESO.  I've tried the 'How to Set up integrations' instructions, but when I toggle  the Enable Game integrations toggle Enagle Game integrations, there doesn't seem to be a next step to actually find the game to link. Am I missing something?

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"Game integrations" are specific game titles that have code linked to Corsair lighting effects.  It's a usually a color theme often with dynamic color changes linked to game events (bleeding out, KB turns red, etc.) .  I don't think the list below is quite up to date, but it has most of them.  Elder Scrolls Online is well known game and several years old.  If it's not on that list, it won't be supported.



However, I am wondering if what you are really after is how to link a profile to a specific game.  This is hidden in the "Edit profile" function and there is a bar to link the game's specific .exe file.  

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