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How to disable keyboard lighting when computer screen turns off?

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I have purchased K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX Red (ES) and downloaded iCUE v4.24.193.
How can I disable the keyboard illumination when the computer screen turns off?
I have seen the solution for when the computer sleeps, but I can't find the solution when the computer screen turns off.
I have Windows 11Pro 21H2 22000.675.
Would someone be so kind as to help me?

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Hello, sadly there is no way. 

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You would think Corsair could mimic a function that Razer is able to to. A simple turn off lighting in sync with when computer screen are off. For most of us that means we are away from computer, or sleeping, or whatever that do not need the keyboard/mouse and other device light up.

On my legion Y740 laptop that has Corsair integrated Keyboard with iCue I was able to set a profile to turn on on LockApp.exe & Scrnsave.scr which turn off the main keyboard with only power light a very faint red. Beautiful really but that do not work on my main PC with a K95 and Dark Core for some reasons.

I do not like the workaround, and it is one since 2016 to boot, where you set a hardware profile to all light off (or essentially black color /minimum luminosity) when iCue not running because that means the keyboard as zero light when you are actually ready to type your login when on waking the screen. 

Seriously my spouse with a Blackwidow Chroma from like 2015 has this simple function. It turn off the keyboard when the screen is off and turn it back on the moment you wake it up, then you can see clearly your keys and type your login. (I should specified this worked in Win10 and continue to do so in Win11).

I have seen same with Logi, so really do not feel solution here are elegant and it should not be impossible given others have succeeded and that is with Razer Synapse being horrible for everything else.


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