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Clarification on ac power cords being used for power supplies in India


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I am slightly confused on which ac power cord is suitable for an RM850 power supply.

I had initially bought a semi-modular HX850 in India which at the time came supplied with a 13A UK power plug. Most of us used these with the help of an adapter or extension board which came with universal plug points and these in turn were plugged into 6A sockets.

These days Corsair has finally been supplying India with the appropriate plug types but here is where my confusion starts.

India has 50hz 230v power supply at the residential level. We have 2 sockets - 6A and 16A. Traditionally the 16A ones are usually reserved for our fridges, washing machines, etc. Corsair is supplying us with 16A plug ac cords.

Now I understand if the power supply being used was 1KVA and greater, as the current draw would be near to 6A or exceed it, but I am seeing a 16A being provided with even a CV450.

Now would it be safe to use a 6A 250v 18awg ac power cord for the power supply assuming that only at max load with say 80% efficiency an 850w would draw 4.62A?

Or is Corsair using 16A ac power cords because they believe 6A sockets would burn out with an 850 power supply?

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