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Getting random crashes while gaming

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Hi, I just built this PC 2 weeks ago and it wants to reboot every time I run any of my games. I could be in a game anywhere from 30 minutes all the way up to 2 hours before it decides to crash. So far I've tested Warframe, Halo Infinite, and Rainbow 6: Siege. There is no BSOD, the PC just goes to a black screen and then starts back up. Event viewer does not report anything except that the system rebooted unexpectedly. I have all drivers updated and even tried updating the BIOS. I have checked temps on both CPU and GPU and neither get above 60 C when running either of those games. I've reseated all connections on the motherboard. I even took off the GPU and hooked up to the integrated GPU, ran Rainbow 6: Siege for about 8 hours with no issues. I read that the 3 PCIe cables that plug in to the GPU should be plugged in to the same row on the PSU, so I double checked that and still no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Check your Memory. Try to boot your system with 1 stick only. If it boots that stick is good shut it down and try another. On and on till you test them all. You could have a single bad stick and when the game tries to use that stick it's game over. If you have a large enough kit of memory you could never use the bad stick in normal desktop stuff.

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I have tested both and no luck. Update since I posted this. We've established its not the graphics card. I did troubleshooting with Nvidia and they thought the gfx card was defective and had me do an RMA. Once I got the new gfx card I was still experiencing the same issue. I have since tried switching from multiple to single +12V on the power supply and still same issue. I changed the PCIe bandwidth in the bios from auto to Gen3 and finally I downloaded HWINFO64 ran a benchmark program and saved a log file from HWINFO64. I've shared a google doc of this info in another forum and if you'd like to view it I can share it here. The only other options I have at this point is to swap out PSU and see if that was the cause or reuse my older graphics card. I'm thinking its PSU though.

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is it the rig in your hardware profile?

it doesn't matter where you plug the PCIE cables on a HX PSU. it only has one fat 12V rail. Setting the OCP to single or multi rail doesn't seem to do anything since the pc restarts on its own, so it's probably not an overload of the PSU, despite the 3090 FTW3 having a pretty power hungry VBIOS.

Gamers nexus just released a video testing transient spikes on various GPUs and from this you're pretty safe with a 1KW unit.

Often, whenever you have a PSU issue, you'll see something in the windows event viewer like "Kernel Power".

Do you use sleeved extensions for the GPU or motherboard cables? these can cause instability because of the voltage drop they introduce. but it's likely you'd have seen kernel power errors if that was doing anything..

I guess if you have any OC running, CPU or GPU, just reset it to factory and see if it's back to stable.

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Thanks for the facts on the PSU

I do not use sleeved extensions. I've been using the originals that Corsair provided with the PSU.

I am not currently Overclocking

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