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Bad PSU pin out and a dead SSD

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 I had something really stupid happen to me over the weekend, and I need help. I was overdue for a PC rebuild and cleanout, so I tackled that this weekend. I added some SP120 fans that have an RGB hub and needed a SATA power lead so I grab one from my PSU box and install it. Here's where it gets dumb. I plugged the existing SATA power lead to my RGB hub and existing H115i since it was a better fit (all right angled connectors so I stuffed them in the basement of the case), and the cable from my box to my SSD because of a similar reason. I was moving my SSD to a vertical mount behind my motherboard, so the cable I got from my box was straight on the last end instead of right angled. I finish and at first the system won't power on fully. I get a flash of everything for exactly 1 second, then the whole system goes dark. Turns out the new PSU cable I used was a different pinout. 1st pic is the good cable, 2nd pic is bad.


(Good cable ^^)


(Bad cable ^^)

Also, this is the only PC I've built for myself, so I've only ever had one PSU and set of cables for it. I don't see how this happened other than Corsair sent a wrong/defective cable with my PSU. My PSU is a RMx 750 (2018) and the bad cable doesn’t show up on any Google search. The writing on ot is “NB101” if that helps (pics below).


The drive won't show in Windows, and I'm afraid it's shot. I tried a different cable (I checked the pins this time) and still nothing. The drive is a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, and has a lot of my business files, brand assets, and other important data on it and I don't have a backup because I don't have my NAS finished yet. The only solution is a data recovery specialist but I just don’t have that kind of money. Days recovery at this level can cost $1000s and as a new business owner, this is a huge setback. For reference, I originally built this PC in 2019 when parts were actually affordable and have done minor upgrades over the past 2.5 years I’ve had it. If anyone from Corsair sees this, I’m not mad but I am bewildered on how this happened. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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that white highlighted text is awful to read buddy..

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looks like a seasonic or corsair AXi pinout, but hard to tell. Usually on corsair cables the side is labelled "Type 3" or "Type 4". Looks like a possible cable mix-up. You have seasonic PSUs around?

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Posted (edited)

Oh, my bad. When I posted I was on my phone and it must have done something weird. I'll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for pointing it out. Didn't catch it because I was in light mode on the site.

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