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2nd memory stick problem


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Dear all....I hope you can help.


Just set up new rig.


Runs fine on xp or xp64 with 1 stick of 512mb. :


But when adding the 2nd stick,

for xp, won't boot into windows (just the windows start-up screen).

for xp64, get BSOD before booting into windows start-up screen


Memory is in dimm 2 and 4.


Both work on their own in dimm 2.


Can anyone help?





DFI lanparty UT SLI-D

AMD64 San Diego 3700+

1 (or 2) x 512MB Corsair3200XL

Sapphire X800 Hybrid

Coolermaster Stacker

Seagate 7.2 Barracuda Sata 160GB


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I have another customer that told me there seems to be a bios update in the works that would support this CPU properly. But this would suggest a bios issue or failing CPU. But I would wait till the new bios is released.
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