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Adding sniper or DPI cycle function to macros


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Hi all, loving my Scimitar MMO mouse and seeking help on a specific way to use the "sniper" function with my mouse.

I am using a two stage macro.

Press - > send keystroke
Release -> send keystroke

I would like to add the "sniper" function to this macro to adjust DPI on press & release but I cannot figure out a way to do it. Any kind of DPI cycle would help me. Currently, I have to have sniper on another button.


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I tired setting this up directly but CUE does not offer the sniper button as a programmable event.  Then I switched to a mouse with a dedicated sniper button (M65) and tried to record it.  It does not register the sniper/DPI shift either.  So the only way to do this is through substitute mapping.  


Create your Press/Release macro as you need it.   Then you need to create separate remap and a key to act as the sniper button.  This key will be bound to that, so you probably want to use a KB switch you have no other use for -- Pause Break, Scroll Lock, / * -  etc.  Then add the new "sniper key" into the macro as a keyboard event using the new binding.  I was able to do this on my end, but I am not exactly sure how you are trying to use this, hold the DPI shift, etc.  

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