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5000x recommended FAN RGB Control Setup


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Hi guys,

I want to upgrade my existing 5000x with more SP120 Elite Fans, as my custom water-cooling equipment is growing. 


I don't know what would be the right choice so I think I will list what I actually have and what I want at the end. 

What I own:

5000x with 3 pre installed SP120 Elite Fans

1x Commander Pro 

1x XC5 CPU Block 

1x XD5 pump/reservoir combi

1x XR5 360 radiator

What I want at the end of the journey::

10x SP120 Elite fans 

2x 360mm XR5 radiators

1x XC5 cpu block

1x XD5 pump/reservoir combo

1x XG7 water block

all managable via ICUE. 


How to archive this? 


As listed above The 5000x comes with 3 Fans preinstalled and 1x lighting node core and 1 fan hub. 

I have no Ides what's the best way to achieve this. 





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