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iCue using 80% CPU usage??


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I just spent 10 hours at work troubleshooting issues in AWS and come home to this? I just want to play a game and relax. No wonder some people prefer consoles.

Come on guys whats going on with iCue?? I've been a loyal Corsair customer for 6 years. Keyboard, mice, RGB, Ram, a lot of stuff and iCue has always been bad.

I format my PC 1-2 times a year and iCue still chews up memory!! Obviously not to this extent

Are other RGB brands this bad as well?

Today was the cherry on top during a rocket league tournament trying to figure out why i was lagging.

I have a 9900k and 1080ti and you still manage to slow down my PC!!

Screenshot 2022-06-06 165952.jpg

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I am trying to get rid of most my corsair stuff and only have ram, H100i Pro and a Commander pro running atm. Not too much going on and 0 rgb fans.

Come on??

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